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We have partnered with DET SYNTETISKE PARTI, Danish political party

真鶴町や多摩市でAIメイヤーなどの候補者を擁立しているAI党は、政策立案をすべて人工知能が行うデンマークの新興政党 Det Syntetiske Partiと提携しました。

2023年11月22日、日本のAI党とデンマークのDet Syntetiske Parti(合成党)は、生成AI政治プラットフォームとGovernment algorithm(ガバメントアルゴリズム)プラットフォームを共同で構築することに合意しました。


Det Syntetiske Parti(合成党) 創設者の Asker Bryld Staunæs は次のように述べています。

日本の AI 党の力量と経験が、大規模な言語モデルやその他のディープラーニング(深層学習)のプロセスを通じて、市民主導のガバナンスに向けたこの最初の動きに大きく貢献すると確信しています。」

AI Party, which is fielding AI mayor candidates in Manaru Town and Tama City in Tokyo, Japan etc, has partnered with DET SYNTETISKE PARTI, a new Danish political party whose policy planning is entirely done by artificial intelligence.
As of November 22th, both parties agreed to build a generative AI political platform and government algorithm platform together.

Japan's AI Party said, “This partnership will bring major changes to global AI politics.”
The creator of Det Syntetiske Parti, Asker Bryld Staunæs, said, ”I’m looking forward to collaborating closely with the creators of the Japanese AI Party and with their virtual politicians. My hope is that this will propagate the beginning of a Synthetic International and a Global AI Party. We’re in the closing stages of expanding this alliance to all of Scandinavia, Poland, Australia, Egypt and Argentine, and

I’m certain that the competencies and experience of the Japanese AI Party will make a crucial contribution to this inaugural move towards civic-driven governance through large language models and other processes of deep learning.





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